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Premium, durable, eco-friendly paper packaging manufacturer

Premium, durable, eco-friendly paper packaging manufacturer

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Paper Food Packaging Bags & Containers [ABPP Papers]

Foodservice Paper Packaging Manufacturer

High quality, durable, eco-friendly paper cups, bags, straws and more

We source the highest quality, biodegradable paper packaging products to cater to the F&B industry in India and abroad. Through our design & concept program and rapid prototyping, we enable our clients to develop unique and sustainable foodservice solutions for their customer base. Coupled with our strong manufacturing capabilities, we offer a holistic solution to a wide variety of clients.

Responsible Paper Sourcing

High quality and versatile paper products catalogue

We source only the highest strength paper used for straw making, produced by Ballarpur Industries, one of the largest paper mills in India and the main supplier of high wet-strength paper in the country, putting us at the forefront of innovation and paper packaging technology.

Through our international partners, we also source durable and best-in-class microwave popcorn bags.

Paper Straws, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Paper Packaging Solutions for Food Service Industry [ABPP Papers]

Top quality paper with premium paper packaging manufacturing

With the backing of Orient Links LLC and Ballarpur Industries, ABPP has inherited over 100 years of experience in the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of paper-based packaging solutions.

Say No to plastic

Founded in 2019, ABPP Papers is at the forefront of innovation and design in eco-friendly & durable foodservice packaging.

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